Scarecrows around the Woodford Valley, Archers Gate and Kings Gate

Welcome everybody to the Parish Scarecrow Festival.  Pictures are coming in and I'm putting them up as quick as I can.  I know there are some other SCs out there so do send them in as quick as you can to the dedicated email addresses: in the Valley to and on Archers & Kings Gate estates to


Mick and Jenny Hazzard have made this fine cricketer, ready to bat,
and he is located at Celtic Fields in Great Durnford.







Suzanne Water's has made a new member of the
Mother's Union, who is sitting at the
bottom of Jubilee Hill.












The Amazing Worzel Gummidge by George Fouracre and
Fabulous Betty O’Barley by Edith Fouracre in Lower Woodford











Over the way from those two in Lower Woodford
you can see the famed 'Margot' the Prima Ballerina
by Graham Parks.
everal other scarecrows around Lower Woodford
- photos to come!














Moving up the Valley to Normanton the Soar
family have made this cheery character.









Patricia Powell has made the delightful Sunflower Sadie
currently staying outside her house in Great Durnford...








  Meet Bill and Belle at Old Hall,
 Great Durnford by Margaret Snell







An exotic birdwatcher has been spotted at
the top of Lake Hill by the Keatingue's!








  Whilst Jean and Naomi have this fabulous
  pair scaring the crows outside their
  house on Jubilee Hill.










Caroline has a Wheelbarrow Worzel
outside her house 
2 Holloway Close,
Archers Gate







Margaret Knight has a scholar outside her house
reading as part of Book Club.











Up to Archers Gate again and Sarah McNicol an family
have a gardener scarecrow hard at work outside their
house 1 Rushworth Row on Archers Gate.







   Meanwhile the Bunnies have come to call at
   Leslee Dower-Greene's house
   33 Barnard Field, Archers Gate.
   They are Mr & Mrs Rabbit
   & they are celebrating Harvest
   with baby Flopsy in the sunshine.











These two characters are ready to kick the crows into touch in Beckingham Road Kings Gate!













The children from Quiver Class have made
Archer the Scarecrow at Amesbury Archer School.














Meanwhile Peppa Pig is scaring the crows
with a picnic in Middle Woodford.







And just down the way in Middle Woodford this trendy 
scarecrow is at King's Cottage.











In Netton, on the road up to High Post,
we have a fairy scarecrow, ready to grant 
the crows their wishes.















And just down the way is this character.








Keeping everyone in order in Netton is this











King's Gate Primary School have 
been making lots of scarecrows
with this one...







And this one...












...this one...











...and these two!



















We have a chicken scarecrow in Upper Woodford!











And the Druid's Nurse Scarecrow at Druid's Lodge, 
made by Eliana Grant, paying her respects to 
all the NHS workers.

























  Carol and John Wippell have  Morris Clodhopper  
  dancing outside their hosue  in Lower Woodford.






















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