Scarecrow Festival 2020

Woodford Valley Scarecrow Festival

Around Harvest Festival Weekend 

19-20 September 2020

As a bit of fun to help us laugh in these strange times, and to help us all celebrate Harvest Festival, I am announcing a Scarecrow Festival!

Simply make a scarecrow and place it on display by your house in the week running up to harvest weekend (to be there until the following weekend too).


Make a scarecrow to match your job or interests

Create a tableau

Think of innovative ways to display your scarecrow

If you don’t have room for full sized scarecrows, how about miniature ones or paintings of scarecrows for your window


Let other People know about your Scarecrow
Send names, (yours and the scarecrow’s!) pictures, and locations to
These will be published on the Parish Church Website to let people know


Have fun!
Rev. Mike, Vicar.


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