God revealed in Creation Prayer Walk

The Sanctuary are a fabulous collective dedicated to enriching worship.  You can find out more about them here

What the Sanctuary Authors say about this resource:

These prayer stations are designed to be used outside – either individually or as a series to form a prayer walk – and aim to help people both connect with God through creation and use natural settings to stimulate prayer for others. They can be done in any order and/or with a selection chosen to fit your specific circumstances and surrounding natural environment. They can also be done on your own as a meditative reflection or corporately with the group pausing at pre-decided points on the walk to read each station and reflect/pray together.

Each station explains the type of natural setting that is ideal so you might want to plan a walk and then see which of the stations best fit particular stopping points along the way – or choose which stations you want to use and then find a walk to match. Each station needs a minimum of 3-5 minutes so that you can read out the scripture and the short reflection or question which follows (in blue), but they can take longer if you want to have extended periods of time to reflect and/or pray. Print off the relevant stations in advance so that you have them with you to read out.

If you’re leading a group, don’t forget to explain to people what you’re doing, making sure that everyone is suitably dressed for the weather and also physically able to walk the distance and terrain.

This resource can be viewed below and downloaded directly here

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