Forest Church

Before lockdown began I had hoped to begin a Forest Church in the Salisbury area - we may still once we are allowed to gather in the open air.

In the meanwhile you can find out more from Gloucester Diocese's website and their lead worker on forest church, Cate Williams.
This is what she says about Forest Church on their website:
Forest Church is a contemporary movement, with roots in the long Christian tradition of engagement in nature, such as the Celtic and Franciscan approaches. Those engaged in Forest Church are seeking to meet with God in and through their connection with the natural world. The hope is that Forest Churches will become a spiritual home for those outside the traditional church who relate better to outdoor spirituality than gatherings in a church building.

Here as well is a short video produced by her:

For a more in depth exploration of Forest Church have a look at the book 'Forest Church' by Bruce Stanley  
or his article in Third Way Magazine

Forest Church comes in different forms but in essence is has a focus on connecting with Christ through the natural world, and in this way it is not just 'normal worship' outdoors, nor is it nature worship.
Some groups have a particular emphasis on older festivals and the dialogue between Christianity and folk religion whilst others might have more a focus on the dialogue between Christianity and the Natural Sciences.

Details of groups near you can be found on the Mystic Christ website.






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