Mental Health During the Pandemic

Finding life during the Pandemic mentally tough?

The pandemic is taking a huge toll, mentally as well as physically. People have become isolated, extra stresses have been added to life and normal outlets have been cut off.
Do call me on 01722 782 310 if you need a listening ear during this time.

Rev. Dr Mike Perry, Vicar of the Woodford Valley with Archers Gate.


Other resources are available too:

1) The Yale University free course: 'The Science of Well-Being’ offering practical pointers to happiness.  This course is led by a Yale professor who became aware of the levels of mental health issues within her University's student community.  It uses an evidence based approach, helping participants to move away from 'what makes you happy' myths and towards help that helps.  You can take the course free at 

2) MIND’s Corona Virus and mental Health support page can be found here

3) The Samaritan’s Corona Virus and mental Health support page can be found here

Remember you are not alone.

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